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Your Marine Mammal Bibliography

References to current marine mammal related publications at your hand.
A reasonably priced service for scientists, students and conservationists.

You want to keep track of scientific literature published about marine mammals? You want to know where you should publish your own manuscripts? You are tired of entering references from MARMAM and other sources by hand? You are working in a marine mammal campaign of a conservational or educational organization? You are a media worker specialized on Marine Mammals? We have something to offer for you.

By subscribing to the Marine Mammal Bibliography you will receive weekly updates of references to scientific publications about marine mammals.

How does it work?

  1. You choose your field of interest (available are Marine Mammals - ALL, Cetaceans, Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals - OTHER (including Sirenians, Sea Otters, Polar Bears))
  2. You choose your desired format (at the moment: Endnote, Papyrus (DOS, Mac), ProCite, Reference Manager, PlainText)
  3. You pay your bill being aware that we offer many discounts (early birds, contributors, students, development countries)
  4. Each monday for a year you’ll get an email with all new references enclosed in your desired format.

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